Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love Letter

Dear beloved one:

I could say to you that I've been missing you, that I've been wanting to call you, or that many things remind me of you. I could even tell you that you're my everything, that I deeply care for you, or even that I love you. I could exagerate and keep you at my feet, wrapped in lies and deceptions. I could do all that darling, I really could. And they would be lies.

I wouldn't be true to myself if I said this to you, because anyone can lie, but not everyone can tell you the honest, raw truth. What I really feel. Not everyone can be honest enough not to care if they hurt that significant other with the truth. Hurt because we're all so used to the liying.

But here it is. My real feelings, from the true bottom of my heart, love.

I like you. I think about you a couple of times a week when we talk a lot, and a lot more when I don't hear from you. I found you interesting, mysterious, alluring. I like you so much, that I often restrain myself. But I don't think about the future... about you in my future, anyways. Sometimes I hope you would like me less, but I regret it right away when I sense it might happen. I don't always think you're handsome... honestly, some days you look better than others. I know you're not perfect, but in a Pro-Con list, the Pro column is larger.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, I like you baby.


Gigi said...

Oh dios.. can i say that i LOVED it? = /

Anonymous said...

Me gustó este, tuvo genial! =)

Anonymous said...

oww sorry, el anonymous de arriba fui yo